About Me.

Helgi Pjetur
A business developer, innovator and a designer.

I love to create things. I love to change things, do them differently than they have been before, disrupt things.

Tó & Cod Music

I was studying for my first college degree in The Commercial College of Iceland (Verzló) in May 2003 when I saw a job advertisement online. An unnamed start-up was looking for a candidate with a university degree in business and at least 3 years of work experience. I was excited. I was in no way qualified for the job, but I decided to apply, despite having no experience and had not even finished college. Long story short, I got the job and started working during my final college exams.

The job was very diverse. I worked in service, marketing, and accounting for a company called Músíknet ehf. A few weeks after I started, we launched the third music streaming service in Europe,  After 4 great years at where we won the Icelandic Web Awards for our website, where we launched with a fantastic concert event in New York, and after I founded the online record label, Cod Music, and released 5 studio albums including a best-selling album by Lay Low and great albums by Dr. Mister & Mister Handsome, Jet Black Joe, Benny Crespo’s Gang, and Wulfgang, I decided to move on.

Online Marketing & Sales

I was fascinated by marketing and sales and started working at an advertising agency called “The Vatican” (Vatikanið). I participated in various advertising, promotion, and sales projects. But in early 2009, in the middle of the banking crisis and after the Vatican dismantled, I decided to try and start my own business and offer services that were not being offered at that time in Iceland. Social Media Marketing, SEO, YouTube Viral Marketing, etc. I made contracts with Elko, Advania, the City of Reykjavik, and Nova, who eventually hired me full time in the fall of 2009.


I worked at Nova for two great years. At Nova I started to get really into UI/UX design and the whole web development process. It was there where I designed my first real website, collaborating with an amazing designer, Dagur Hilmarsson, who I learned a lot from. We re-designed the and won the Icelandic Web Awards for the best Sales Web in 2010. I worked with many great people in marketing and web development at Nova. We won a lot of awards, including Imark’s Marketing Company of the year 2009. Great times.

Stokkur, Domino’s, Strætó, Eve and more

In 2011, however, I decided to leave Nova and, together with two of my colleagues at Nova, founded the app company Stokkur. 3 years earlier, they had launched the mobile parking service, Leggja, and asked me to design an app for them in late 2010. It was the first time I designed an app, and now there was no turning back. Our first projects in Stokkur were the N1 app and the Domino’s app that completely transformed Domino’s sales channels during these years. We had seen the same thing happen with the Leggja app when our clientele grew significantly with the release of the app. During my time at Stokkur I also designed apps & webs for Strætó, Össur, Nova, CCP Games, Vodafone, Verifone, ASÍ (Klukk), Novomatic and many more.


One September night, 2012, I couldn’t fall asleep. I’d had the urge for a long time to create an app that would act as a person with an app icon as a cartoony face. Well that night, this person arrived in my head and did not want to leave. That night, Alfred was born. I wrote and wrote, plotted and plotted. The name, the UI’s color, the font, the logo, the business plan, the whole concept from A-Z was born that magical night. 4 months later, the first version of the Alfred app and our Alfred Job Platform was released . Users could turn on a job watch and monitor certain job-tags and locations and then receive push notifications on their phone when a new job was published. The app was instant hit.

Tens of thousands of users downloaded the app the first few weeks, users who then started applying for jobs and telling the companies that they had seen the advertisement in the Alfreð app. The companies started to contact and inquire about this Alfreð person, meetings were booked, and the rest is history. 7 years later, Alfreð is by far the largest job platform in the country, with over 100,000 users and thousands of advertisers each year.


In 2015 we entered into a partnership with Nova, which at that time had become the largest mobile provider in Iceland. I worked closely with Liv, then Nova’s CEO, in designing what was to become the first Mobile Payment app in Iceland, Aur. The Aur solution came as a shock to the financial market in Iceland, it was new, it was fresh and nobody saw it coming. We had been able to develop a product using the current banking infrastructure in Iceland and payment facilitators without them having a clue we were doing it. As a result many more FinTech solutions from start-ups and banks emerged to challenge Aur.  Today Aur remains the most popular peer-to-peer payment solution in Iceland.

I love to create things. I love to disrupt.

Awards & Nominees

2004 Iceland Web Awards

Tó, Website of the Year

2009 ÍMARK

Nova, Marketing Company of the Year (Winner)

2010 Iceland Web Awards

Nova, Sales Website of the Year (Winner)

2013 RIMC Nexpo Awards

Domino’s, App of the Year (Winner)

2014 Iceland Web Awards

Strætó, App of the Year (Winner)
Púlsinn, App of the Year (Nominee)


2015 RIMC Nexpo Awards

Strætó, App of the Year (Winner)
Leggja, App of the Year (Nominee)

2016 Iceland Web Awards

Alfreð, App of the Year (Nominee)

2016 Nordic Environmental Awards

The Strætó App (Nominee)

2017 Iceland Web Awards

Aur, App of the Year (Nominee)
Strætó, App of the Year (Nominee)
Wow Air, App of the Year (Nominee)

2017 Nordic Startup Awards

Aur, Best FinTech App (Nominee)


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